Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Perfect Day

In the last posting, I proposed a task, which was to make a plan for a perfect day. The premise behind this task was that such a task may be useful in identifying those things which are most fulfilling to us so that we may then organize our life in such a way that the perfect day we have planned may serve as guide for creating the life we want. Without going into the details of my perfect day here, suffice it so say that creating art, particularly drawings would fill the hours of my perfect day.
In keeping with the idea that knowing what I want in life most can help me steer my life, I have recommited myself to numerous goals which center around art and being an artist. Toward this end, I am weaving a number of threads in my life which I hope will allow me to reach my goals. One of those threads is the blog you find before you. My vision for this blog is that it document my course toward being a "full time" artist, as well as being a vehicle for sharing between those who are also called to create their life around their own passions and interests. In addition to those seekers, I plan to share this blog with those who would just like to know what I am up to, friends and family, in other words.
As I am sharing the ideas, resources and connections that I find useful, hoping that they may also serve my fellow travelers, I will also be sharing my art in my postings as well. The picture you see with this posting is a large colored pencil drawing (approx. 30 in x 50in) I did many years ago. This picture depicts a deer skull that I got from my father's collection. My father has been a deer hunter for a long time and deer skulls have always been one of his favorite adornments. When I was a child, my father always kept one of these skulls wired to the front of the utility rack on top of his work trucks. At our home in Seymour, the light pole was festooned with several of these trophies, one of which became the subject for this drawing. My father's new home has more of these skulls hanging about the place. Suffice it to say that this drawing has some deep connections to my father. I also like this drawing because I see it as a transition away from my love affair with photorealistic representations in my drawings which was one of the vehicles I chose for developing my technical drawings skills.


  1. Tony, How well I remember our lunchtime discussions about your quest to be an artist and its various permutations as you wended your way through employment and education decisions. I liked seeing that the thread is still alive and the quest still part of your being!

    Love, Chris B.

  2. Yes, I have been talking about doing art more seriously for a long time. I am now about turning these thoughts into actions. How is your massage practice?