Sunday, November 8, 2009


Books that I have read and websites I am using these days seem to be reminding me that making goals is an important part of this process of life design that I am engaging with. The way goals have come to matter to me is that I can see that setting and then going about meeting those goals is how I have done anything that mattered to me. Therefore, I need to set some more concrete goals to get the concrete results I am seeking in my latest life design project. I made some temporally bound goals in two areas: drawing and marketing. Some goals are things I want to do every day, namely some drawing goals. For weekly, as when as my monthly goals (1,2and 6) I am conceiving of today,tomorrow and the day after steps that I can count on helping reach my goals. The goals are kept in a place I see regularly to give myself that extra leverage on myself to follow thru. I think that all of this collected effort will put myself squarely behind my intentions and will propel me further into the realizations of my imagination. Living the dream, quite literally, as well as thoroughly enjoying the process along the way.
Two of my weekly goals are to publish this blog and to finish a new drawing. The drawing for this week is from a sculpture I photographed in Istanbul awhile ago. The original is hanging across the room from me as I write. While I was working on this drawing,I came across a morphing sequence of women in art that is jaw-drop stunning as well as extremely instructive. I dare you to watch it and not come away with a new appreciation for painting/drawing. I posted a link under women in art in my links section.


  1. I am impressed and more than a little envious. Rarely successful at goal setting and less at the rigors of followup, I am settling in with something for me more akin to harm reduction, getting clear on my intentions. I'll keep you posted.

    Several years ago I set out to do a daily half hour of stream of whatever writing first thing every morning. At the end of several months I did have boxful of used paper.

  2. Thanks for comment, I have also had mixed results with the follow-thru in the past, which Ihave diagnosed and have tried treatment in a variety of forms. But its seems that common sense and writers I have read on this topic seem to point to the necessity of enjoying meetingthe goals, finding ways to make the process seems to be key.